AT&T Bold Release DateOur last AT&T Bold update pitted two release dates against each other, September 12th and October 2nd, with October 2nd winning the majority vote of confidence. Today the BG updated his Oct. 2nd date with further word that jives with what we've been hearing all week...  that September 24th will be the initial date when dealers (not end consumers) can start ordering the device.

A few AT&T dealers this week sent us in the emails that contained the word from head office...

We have very important liquidation opportunities, please read the entire message and post for your employees. This has been sent to the stores, SM's, DM's, and GM's... AT&T is pleased to announce the launch of the new Blackberry Bold. It will be available to order on September 24, 2008. 

Sweet. If dealer ordering begins on the 24th as is currently planned (I know many of you at this point won't believe it till you see it!), the AT&T Bold could likely be in your hands a day or two after... so it should be available everywhere on or hopefully a few days sooner than the rumored October 2nd release date. The wait is almost over folks!