BlackBerry 10 images

Coming from the same person who took the previous images, there are a few more to show off. Pretty clearly, there has been some photoshopping going on here in the above one but the user on BlackBerryItalia states it was only for privacy purposes that it was done and the OS is as it was, though it may change by time of release. e.g: Device serial numbers, barcodes were removed.

Now, before you all go jumping into a whole slew of conclusions, we don't have an explanation for the Skype icon being there and we're certainly not ruling out that it may just be the Android app icon. That said, the other stuff you see here is explainable. Like the AT&T icons, they came on the PlayBook beta as well and given RIM is working with carriers, them being there makes sense. Some other notable items include a page number indicator at the bottom and of course those lovely 'quick launch' buttons. 

Needless to say, take them all with a grain of salt but there is certainly something familiar about the design and we're not talking about the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha here. One other final note, there is no telling which OS this is so things could have changed overall since these were taken on 2012:06:17 (according to the EXIF data). There is a message showing and if that's the case, RIM is well ahead of that now.

If you're looking for more, you'll find two shots below in all their grainy glory. If you're looking to yell at someone about the photos, yell at Canon cause the images were taken with a Canon DIGITAL IXUS i zoom. 

BlackBerry 10 UI
BlackBerry 10

Source: BlackBerry Italia

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