It seems these days, we can't manage to go a day without hearing about some app that may or may not be coming to the BlackBerry 10 platform. It's understandable of course, people want their apps and they want to know if they can get them on BlackBerry 10. If not, they want to know if the apps will ever be available and more importantly if they'll never be available, they want to know why.

Making the headlines once again is Netflix. Over at AllThingsD they've done some digging with their sources and they've proclaimed 'Netflix isn’t developing a version of its app for BlackBerry 10 — native or port.'. Although Netflix gave them no explanation why, AllThingsD's John Paczkowski has concluded what has pretty much been said before, that there is no incentive for Netflix to build the app and that their user base wouldn't grow significantly if there was a Netflix app for BlackBerry 10 so therefore, there is no interest in making one.

It's a reasonable conclusion but it's certainly not a new one either. We've heard similar arguments from app developers, many of which later went on to build for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I'm pretty sure it's a standard explanation handed out along with the 'We have no current plans' line that gets dropped daily when inquiring about things not yet announced officially. Why would any larger company just randomly drop news like that?

Adding a bit to Netflix on BlackBerry 10 conclusion this time around though is a comment received from BlackBerry PR spokesman, Alex Kinsella stating  “We’re committed to bringing top titles from around the globe to BlackBerry 10 customers,”  “At this time, it’s in Netflix’s court to join the excitement around BlackBerry 10 — we hope they choose to bring a BlackBerry 10 experience to their customers. We’d love to have them.”

For me, I was never set on Netflix building for the BlackBerry 10 platform. I honestly wrote them off long ago as ever being available on BlackBerry. They weren't mentioned during the launch, they've said they have 'no current plans' in the past and these sources AllThingsD claims to of have spoken with, have continually said the same thing. If they end up on the platform awesome, if not it's far from surprising.