Judging by the amount of comments we seem to get on our concept posts it would appear that seeing what we may or may not get from BlackBerry in the future is rather popular. 

The above concept arrived the other day from form member ummie4 and while it looks pretty darn sweet I'm not sure we'll see a design like this go into production. 

The big difference here compared to other Q30/Windermere concepts we've seen is the location of the optical trackpad. Although I love the big logo at the base of the phone I'm not sure how user friendly it would be in this position and it's certainly not following the 'Classic' line that BlackBerry CEO John Chen has confirmed will feature in more than one device. 

I'm quite keen on the size and shape of the concept though and its certainly a lot wider than the Q10 that we currently have. What do you think?

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