We all know that the BlackBerry Q20 is coming at some point this year and will be the first BlackBerry in the 'Classic' range so says CEO John Chen. There's a few things we know for sure that the Q20 will feature - such as a hardware keyboard and also the return of the optical trackpad and function keys. 

What we haven't yet seen is any leaked images of the device and if John Chen has his way we won't do either as they are on a mission to stop leaks. However, that doesn't stop the CrackBerry nation coming up with concept designs of what they would like to see. 

The above images are courtesy of CrackBerry forum member DYLANHABKIRK who's taken what we know and has come up with the design. 

It does of course look very much like the BlackBerry Q10 with the 'tool belt' added but is that a bad thing? Many BlackBerry fans will want a larger screen on the Q20 compared to the Q10 and although I'd be up for that I love my Q10 and still use it as my main device. We've also heard rumors that the keyboard may well feature just three rows of keys - instead of the traditional four. Considering BlackBerry are essentially revamping the Bold I'd be very surprised to see the keyboard change in design, but who knows? 

Only time will tell on what treats BlackBerry has up their sleeves for us in the 'Classic' department. Would you be happy with a Q10 sized device? Sound off in the comments. 

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