Another BlackBerry Pearl 9100 Spotted Gallivanting Around

Alright folks, this is getting kind of out of hand. Normally before a device is released we see a few hands-on photos and videos of them but with this particular device, the BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has surely seen more then a "few" hands on. The newest one comes to us courtesy of FeedBerry which is an Indonesian site and will be doing a follow up post after some more hardware testing. So, not only is it making its rounds in the US and Canada, it has gone international now.

The BlackBerry Pearl 9100 has so far, been rumored to be arriving in April during WES 2010 according to some analysts out there. But really the device looks complete, the OS with each hands on keeps showing a higher revision then the previous and people are waiting for it. Research In Motion might as well just get it out to whatever carriers are picking it up and revise their WES launch plans to different device if they truly do plan on hanging onto the 9100 until then.