According to, it seems a fire in Canada has damaged RIM's BlackBerry e-mail server link to Phillipines' Carrier Smart Communications, which has affected their customers' BlackBerry push email services.
"Smart's Blackberry push e-mail service has been temporarily disrupted due to a fire that has damaged RIM's Blackberry e-mail server link in Canada," Smart said.

"The incident has affected the leased line connecting RIM's e-mail server in Canada to Smart's GPRS platform in the Philippines, which continues to operate normally," the company added.

The problem was detected Wednesday morning. RIM's technical personnel are currently working to re-route traffic and normal services are expected to resume soon.

And this is why's forum moderator audit began the BB-outage email list. He's had the email list going for many months now, and just recently moved it over to the easier to remember domain name of

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