Friday Fun Photo - Is this the BlackBerry London??

2012 BlackBerry London

Take this for what you will, but forums member czhy6618 has posted up the above image of what claims to be the 2012 BlackBerry London. We're thinking this is more of a Photoshop than an actual retail box, but you be the judge. In case you don't already know, the BlackBerry London is the codename for the first BBX BlackBerry 10 device we saw way back in November. The image here does look pretty darn close to the original photo leaked phot0, so we're not really sold that it's totally legit. 

Check it out, analyze it then drop a comment with your thoughts. Don't forget, BlackBerry World 2012 is only a few days away so hopefully we'll have plenty of BlackBerry 10 fun to report in the next week :-)

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