** Update: Boooourrrrns... the video has been yanked from iluvblackberry's youtube account **

Storm 2 Video time! It seems youtube user iluvblackberry is back in action with another video of the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm 9550, and this time around both the device and iluvblackberry's video skills are showing signs of improvement (though there's still room for just a bit more improvement... tip - if you don't like the music hit mute!). 

Compared to his first video, this time around the Storm 9550 shows off some nice flick scrolling action as well elasticity when scrolling. WiFi makes its appearance again (w00t!) and overall the device seems very snappy compared to previous videos we have seen of the Storm 9550 in action. Screen orientation adjusts fairly quickly, though for some reason iluvblackberry kept trying to make it orient upside down, which it won't do, so no worries there. For the web browser test, he brought up the full version of CrackBerry over Edge on Rogers, which takes a while (heavy site - visit m.crackberry.com on your berry - improved mobile experience coming soon!) but does render pretty well. All in all, this is a video Storm chasers should start getting excited about. I'm guessing the operating system code will get a couple more revisions by the time it goes to Verizon for technical acceptance, so based on the progress seen so far the Storm 9550 should be able to hit the ground running.