Dev Alpha eBay

Less than a week ago we saw not one, but two BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units sell for nearly $1,000 on eBay. Now there is another listing for a Dev Alpha (we're unsure if it's an A or B - or if the auction is even legit for that matter) that is running up over $2,000 -- which is crazy. Aside from the fact that it is illegal (and totally unethical) to sell one of these devices, shelling out that much for a developer unit that doesn't even have the full OS is pretty nutty (but that's just my opinion). Regardless, the auction has another day to go so if you're totally off your rocker and want to pay an insane amount of money for something you don't really need (just wait another 3 weeks for BlackBerry 10!) then hit up the link below to check it out. Thanks Jacob!

Check out the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha on eBay