Another app goes headless, this time it's Hub++

We are beginning to see apps fill the headless list. Recently we saw Profile Changer Pro go headless. There have been other apps before that too - FlipShush, Aerize LockPic and as well as a wallpaper changer app. There are probably a few others I've missed but like I said, the list is slowly building. Next in line to go headless is Hub++, the popular LED notification app. Though it does do more than just allow you to change the color of the notification LED.

Apart from being able to change LED notification color, Hub++ lets you preview your messages when they come in via a pop-up, allowing you to glimpse the contents of the message without having to go into the Hub and open up the message. You even have the ability to delete or mark the message as read right from the pop-up. You can check out our review of Hub++ to see it in action. It's a pretty slick app and now that it as gone headless you no longer have to worry about opening it up and keeping it in an Active Frame. It's a popular app that many were hoping would go headless. I'm definitely glad to see that it finally has.

Hub++ is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones on all carriers and costs $2.99. If you already have the app, update are free.

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