Back in February I posted that if Instagram wasn't here by April 1st, I'd give somebody a free "car", which I soon clarified would be an awesome radio controlled car. Specifically, I'd make it fitting by picking out one with a 10 in the name. Enter the Team Associated RC10T4.2  radio controlled stadium truck (or SC10 if the winner prefers a short course truck vs. stadium).

Growing up I was huge into RC racing and original RC10T was my vehicle of choice. It's a fitting and awesome prize, and one I wish I was eligible to win! We announced who won that first car in May, and started up a new contest for another chance at winning an RC car.

Well, now it's almost the end of July and we're all still waiting for an "official" Instagram app to come to BlackBerry 10. Of course, the sideloaded version still works, but for so many reasons we want the official app on our devices. However, the time has come to make at least one person's day! Let's announce who won the second Team Associated "10" vehicle!

The Second Winners of a FREE "Car"

Did I mention we have a special twist? Since we forgot again to announce the winner on time (thanks for not reminding me guys!) we're announcing not just one winner, but two! You read correctly, two CrackBerry readers are getting a Team Associated RC vehicle of their very own! The winners are...


Congratulations guys! We'll be in touch soon to get your information for the prize.

As for being way off on our original Instagram will be here by April 1st deadline, it seems adding video to Instagram took precedent over bringing Instagram to BB10 (and Windows Phone for that matter). But now that Video on Instagram is out on iOS and Android, we're keeping the faith that the Instagram dev team has their priorities straight and it'll be coming to BB10 sooner rather than later. No promises on time frame, but we're keeping our fingers tightly crossed.