Unless you have children this game will more than likely be of no interest to you. However, I hear that kids are quite popular these days so if you own a youngster and a BlackBerry Z10 Animal Hide & Seek will be a great game for them to have fun with and also learn a bit about animals.

The aim of the game is to spot the five animals that will be hidden around one of the African landscapes. To start with you just have elephants to spot, followed then by giraffes, but as you progress you then start getting a mixture of animals and some can be hard to spot, In fact, when I was recording the above video I had to stop as I couldn't find the last giraffe and I didn't want to look that daft on video!

The graphics are beautiful and bright and as your child spots an animal it produces some nice sound effects - the monkey's were my favorite.

Features of the game include:

  • Designed specifically for children
  • Pure hidden object game
  • 12 awesome African landscapes
  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Cheerful game character sounds

So if you have a young child then it's well worth shelling out less than a buck for this one - and your kid will love your BlackBerry!

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