A few weeks ago I wrote an open letter to Rovio asking and pleading for them to do up a version of Angry Birds for BlackBerry. They did reply with some half good, half bad news... that Angry Birds wouldn't be hitting BlackBerry Smartphones on the existing BlackBerry OS (no plans), but that Angry Birds on the PlayBook was a definite possibility. That being the case, I was obviously very excited to see the folks at Smarter Apps release Angry Farm for BlackBerry Smartphones, a game that has a LOT of similiarities to Angry Birds... 

I held off doing up a video of Angry Farm version 1.0 as I had a feeling an update would be just around the corner, and that was the case and now Angry Farm version 1.1 is out which brings with it some bug fixes, performance enhancements and extra levels. With 1.1 released, I installed fresh copies onto my BlackBerry Bold 9780 and Torch 9800 and fired up the video camera. Above you can find a bit of a demo and review of Angry Farm for BlackBerry, and I go the extra step to compare the game play and performance to Angry Birds running on Apple iOS via an iPhone 4 and iPad.

We've seen quite the mix of reviews on Angry Farm so far - those who have played Angry Birds before  are used to it being smooth and fluid, and Angry Farm in comparison can be a bit slow and choppy on a BlackBerry. From what I can tell this is more on the fault of the BlackBerry OS and current generation of hardware vs. the app itself (I bet it will run quite a bit smoother on an upcoming 2011 BlackBerry Smartphone and be simply awesome the BlackBerry PlayBook) and also helps to explain why Rovio hasn't wanted to build Angry Birds for BlackBerry to date. On the other hand, a lot of people who have picked up Angry Farm for BlackBerry have been loving it - if you haven't played Angry Birds on another platform and don't have it as a reference, Angry Farm is pretty awesome for a BlackBerry game, despite a little bit of lag and choppiness. A lot of work definitely went into the app and it's nice to see a developer work to address a need in the community, even if it's not quite perfect just yet.

Check out the video above for a better look and more thoughts on it, and from there you can make some decisions... if you haven't picked up Angry Farm yet and decide you want to, you can grab it from App World, or better yet, our CrackBerry App Store at the link below.

Download Angry Farm for BlackBerry

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