It may be Monday and you may have the blues, but if you own Angry Birds for the BlackBerry PlayBook you will want to check App World as there is an update to version 2.2.0 available. The update brings us fifteen new tropical levels - enough to cheer me up at least. 

With BlackBerry PlayBook sales growing steadily it is encouraging that we continue to see big name developers not forgetting us BlackBerry users. We are still some months away from BlackBerry 10 but I see this as a great sign that the platform will see many of the well loved apps that our friends on iOS and Android currently have that we don't. The future is bright for Team BlackBerry and don't let anyone tell you it is not!

"Lemme tell ya, these ain't no ordinary finches we're talkin' about. These here are the Angry Birds, the ones that's gonna kick you in the 'nads. And they're the ones on your side. They must be from Galapadapados, or sumptin'." - Col. Angus, Bird Expert.

The piggies continue their beach vacation with fifteen new tropical levels - but the vacation's gonna end when the birds show up!

Go grab it while it's hot.

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