Angry Birds Star Wars

Yesterday Rovio once again dropped a huge announcement. Angry Birds Star Wars will be hitting the world in about a months time on November 8th, destined to take over phones and tablets everywhere. While there was the obvious note of iOS and Android, there was nothing said about the BlackBerry PlayBook. We know that it took quite a while to see the original Angry Birds first come to the PlayBook, but in the case of Angry Birds Space, the gap wasn't too long between launch and the time we saw it available for download. While it's doubtful that we'll see Angry Birds Star Wars hit the PlayBook on November 8th, we're hopeful that we'll see it on BlackBerry 10 devices and going ahead from there, titles like this will include BB10 in their launch. 

Our question today is this: How important is it to have Angry Birds on BlackBerry 10? We're kind of singling out one title here as it could apply to any "big name" games/apps, but there is no denying it's a pretty mainstream game at this point. Let us know what you think in the poll above, then sound off in the comments. Keep reading to check out the teaser video.

We want Angry Birds Star Wars for the BlackBerry PlayBook!

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