Doctor Who, Angry Birds: Space and more - Day 13 of BlackBerry's 25 Days of GIfts

Here we are slap bang in the middle of BlackBerry's festive season giveaway, 25 Days of Gifts. The past few days we have seen games and apps and it has been the same for all regions. Today, like a few other days of the giveaway, we are seeing different things depending on what region you are in. So, please be sure to check what is showing for you in the 25 Days of Gifts banner in BlackBerry World.

Day 13 giveaways

It looks like Rovio has participated in this offer by giving away their games. Great to see a big name developer jump on board this BlackBerry offer.

Please note that there is a limit to the video downloads per region. If the download limit is reached in your region, the free video download will no longer be available, instead, you will get the free game download of the day, Angry Birds: Space.

Once again, if it doesn't yet show as being free for you, refresh BlackBerry World or wait a little longer for the servers to update BlackBerry World in your region.

You can check back on the original post to see the full list so far. Remember though, these are only free for 24 hours, if you miss it, you miss it. Hit up the forums when you see tomorrow's giveaway.