BlackBerry World Keynote

Surely you all remember Kevins open letter to Rovio, makers of Angry Birds right? At the time, Rovio did give us somewhat of a response but never actually stated they'd release a version of Angry Birds for the PlayBook but they did say it was a definite possibilty. Here we are, now in May and during todays Keynote Mike Lazaridis, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion made sure everyone knew Angry Birds was indeed, coming to the BlackBerry PlayBook. No announcement came directly from Rovio as of yet but we're expecting as we get closer to release we'll start to hear more. Only fair to note -- no mention was made about a transition to BlackBerry 7 enabled devices but it's still a possibility, especially now that it seems Rovio and RIM have been working together plus there, is still Angry Farm for us all.