Angry Birds is a hugely popular physics puzzle game. The goal is for players to slingshot various types of birds at at rickety structures in an effort to destroy the big inside or nearby. Players are scored based on how few birds they use to wipe up the map and how much destruction they cause in the process. The selection of birds offered for each level differ in ability; the red bird impacts on obstacles normally, the yellow bird dive bombs before impact when a player taps the screen, the blue birds split into three in mid-flight when tapped, the black bird explodes, and the white bird drops an egg. Player earn or buy Mighty Eagles, which can effectively win an entire level in one swoop. There are multiple versions of Angry Birds available on the BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10. Angry Birds Seasons changes theme depending on the time of year (Christmas, for example). Angry Birds Space introduces zero-gravity environments, which are also used in Angry Birds Star Wars. Angry Birds Rio uses the theme from the popular Disney movie.