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Our G1-loving pal Casey Chan has now posted his final review of the BlackBerry Bold over at AndroidCentral.com. Earlier this week he posted his initial impressions video (which you can now watch above) which was pretty positive towards the BlackBerry Bold. In the spirit of the Round Robin, in his final review Casey gives the BlackBerry platform a little harder time...

I know it's being nitpicky and I might be at a loss here, but how do you get excited about the Blackberry OS? This current OS doesn't seem much different than last year's Curve (other than the facelift and better browser) and I just don't see the room for "potential" or how it can "grow". Sure, the Bold SPEEDS through tasks and is very, very efficient, but where is Blackberry headed?

From my brief use with Blackberry, and you can flame me in the comments if I'm wrong, but I didn't encounter any killer third party apps. There was nothing that I desperately needed to try, nothing amazingly innovative, and nothing to really challenge the platform to be better. In fact, it hardly felt like a platform at all. Anything notable that didn't come from RIM seemed like an imitation of something on another device.

OUCH. That stings Casey. What do you think CrackBerry Nation? Are we going to take that? Be sure to read Casey's full review and then post a comment. Leave it here if you want a chance to win a Bold or over at Android Central for a chance to win a G1 (which you could always sell and then buy yourself a Berry!).