Google is expanding its support for enterprise developers with the new Android for Work DevHub. The hub is meant to keep developers informed about the latest news surrounding Android in business environments, and give enterprise developers a place to communicate with one another. Members of the DevHub will also receive exclusive Google Play for Work and Android for Work product betas.

The Android for Work DevHub helps business developers learn and connect

DevHub members will also be able to learn from Google's experts about how to:

  • Leverage tools and resources provided by the AppConfig Community, which established a standard that provides Android developers a simple way set up app configurations
  • Improve app security by integrating with Android for Work APIs
  • Get an app featured on Google Play for Work
  • and more...

Enterprise developers can apply to join the DevHub today. Google will also be holding an Android for Work session this week at Google I/O on Thursday, May 19. If you're an Enterprise developer building apps for Android for Work enabled devices, such as the BlackBerry Priv, you may wish to tune in.