Today Google announced Android Wear , a new platform geared toward bringing Android to wearable devices like smartwatches. Big companies like LG and Motorola are already on board with new devices, and others are sure to follow in the coming months.

It goes without saying that the Android Wear devices will work flawlessly with most — if not all — Android devices, however it's safe to say that without Google Play Services on BlackBerry 10, we'll be out of luck when it comes to using any of these new devices with BB10 phones.

To make the Android features of BlackBerry 10 complete, we really need to have these services available. Plenty of smaller apps are a no-go without them, and big ones like Google Now, Google Maps and a slew of others don't work worth a hoot.

Currently the Pebble is really the only smartwatch that works on BlackBerry 10. It makes it tough for a smartwatch lover like myself to want to explore other watches, but I do have other devices just for that purpose. What sucks is that I can't use most other watches with my BlackBerry due to lack of official support. Plus the Android apps don't fully function in most cases because they're reliant on so many different features.

So while I'm hopeful that these Android Wear devices will somehow play nice with BlackBerry 10, for right now I'm not sure that will be the case. If we do get Google Play Services up and running however, it will be a whole different ballgame.

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