Android Runtime update for BlackBerry 10 now available

If you've been experiencing issues with the Android Runtime since OS was released which introduced a pretty weird bug to the system, you now have an official means of correcting it. Rather than waiting for the release of 10.3.3, BlackBerry has for what I believe is only the second time, published a new update to the Android Runtime through BlackBerry World that will correct following.

Upon uninstalling an Android application, the application icon is removed from the home screen, however, the application is still installed on the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

Updating the Android Runtime is easy, you just simply have to click on the URL leading to the update and install it from there. It must be done from your BlackBerry 10 browser and it must not be in Desktop Mode or the update will not show. Once updated, you will have to restart your device in order for the updated Runtime to work properly. Although it's noted in the description, its worth mentioning again. If you're NOT having any issues with the Android Runtime, you don't really need to download this.

Download the Android Runtime update

Source: BlackBerry Knowledge Base