If you were among those who signed up for the initial Priv Android Marshmallow beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone but have thus far been left out because you owned an AT&T Priv, your wait may be over. Emails have now gone out to those invited, plus the BlackBerry Beta Zone has posted a new announcement welcoming AT&T Priv owners.

Android Marshmallow beta now available for AT&T Priv owners

Beta Update #6 Available for AT&T Testers - Today we're welcoming hundreds of AT&T-variant PRIV owners to the community as they receive their first 6.0 beta build (which we're calling Beta #6). It's a big day! The update is only available to their devices. The build isn't too different from Beta #4/5, so please feel free to hop into the forum and help/comment. If you have an AT&T-variant PRIV and don't see the beta update, just visit the Feedback Form on the community landing page and send me a note. We'll look into it.

If you haven't received an email yet, you can wait it out and see if it comes along later. As the invites have just started rolling out, it may take a bit of time before everyone who signed up gets their notifications. As it is a beta, you should head on into the BlackBerry Beta Zone as well to view the discussions there and offer any feedback you may have. Hopefully now that the beta is here, that means it won't be too long until official release on AT&T as well.