Android Developers Free PlayBook

Hey Android Developers! Want to snag yourself a free BlackBerry PlayBook? You can do just that simply by submitting your apps to BlackBerry App World before February 13th. The PlayBook OS 2.0 is on the way (February is finally here!!) and from the looks of it, RIM wants to make sure BlackBerry App World is choc-full of appy goodness on release day. They've made it super easy to port your apps over to run on the PlayBook, so you really have no reason not to. If you already have an app or game running on the PlayBook, make sure you have the latest beta OS installed on your tablet so you can test them out as well. The official release should be coming along any day now and you wouldn't want any bugs floating around come game day, right? For more on porting your Android apps or creating apps of your own hit up the links below.

BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps
More info on BlackBerry Jam