With the official date for cross-platform BBM still hanging in the wind, we're anxious to see any information at this point that will give a hint of when we can expect to see a release. We do know that BBM for Android has hit the beta zone for a small set of users and that we should expect to hear something before the "end of summer", but aside from those tidbits we don't know much at all. 

Today we're moving in the right direction however as early versions of the user guides for both Android and iOS have turned up online. The guides are pretty much what you'd expect and include everything from adding contacts to viewing updates to creating BBM groups.

As BBM users we already know the deal but these guides are obviously geared toward users on other platforms that may not know a thing about BBM (or just may be a bit rusty).

Check out the guides below (the links are PDF so if you can't view just choose to save them) and let us know what you think in the comments!

Android user guide for BBM
iOS user guide for BBM