PlayBook Contest Winners

The graphic above says it all..  congrats go to rkb723 and deswayze for each winning a free BlackBerry PlayBook in our Drop and Give us 20 Apps contest. We'll be following up soon via email to get your details so we can arrange getting your prizes. The winners were picked at random, but for fun we included their winning comments and 20 app picks below.

Thanks to everybody who participated. And remember, another awesome CrackBerry contest is never too far away, so keep tuned in for more chances to win!

20 Apps I'd Like to See Come to the BlackBerry PlayBook

deswayze :Top 20 Apps for Playbook - let's see - do I have to limit it to 20?: 1. Sirius Radio 2. Skype 3. WAV codec or player (so I can hear my voice mail messages) 4. Blackberry Travel (with tether capability) 5. Blackberry Presenter (with link to the Blackberry Presenter device) 6. Mitel UC 7. Beebuzz (or something of that nature that can make use of the Playbook's LED for message notification) 8. PayPal 9. AirMiles 10. More magazines (eg. GQ, Watchtime) 11. TSN 12. Ebay 13. Netflix 14. Ability to print all documents via network 15. Ability to transfer files from BB to Playbook and Playbook to BB via bridge 16. Log-me-in 17. Google Maps App (from Google - not the API) 18. Google Earth 19. Kindle 20. Duke Nukem 21. more apps for on-line buying (eg. Beyond the Rack, Hautelook, Rue-la-la, Giltman) 22. Royal Bank of Canada App But most importantly, just pick me for the Playbook! Please!!!

rkb723: Here's my wish list: 1. Nice Tennis game. 2. Taste of Home Cooking app. 3. Music app for learning to play instruments. 4. Travel App. 5. Hulu app. 6. Voice Recognition 7. Marvel Comics 8. Office (word processor, spreadsheet, pp) 9. Fitness 10.DC Comics 11.Photo Maker 12.Best Price (shopping) 13.Stocks 14.Budget 15.Drudge Report 16.Disney 17.Swipe 18.Organizer (to do list reminder,call,email,b-day) 19.Tax App to keep track of expenses for tax season. 20.IPhone Zapper (to zap all iphones and turn there ui into BB's):)