farewell my 9700... i know you're going to a good home!

I meant to get this up yesterday, but the BlackBerry Messenger Stress Test shananigans kind of had me all distracted. But here it is... I'm rocking a white 9700 now, so my black 9700 is getting paid forward to a lucky CrackBerry member.  No more waiting... here's the big announcement for who's going to be the new owner of my BlackBerry Bold 9700. AND THE WINNER IS......


Big congrats go to Dita on this one! We had over 3,000 comments on the contest post and I was blown away by sooo many of them (I read through all 60+ pages). At the end of the day, it came down to the luck of the draw and the BlackBerry Gods we're smiling on Dita. I wish I had 3,000 devices to give to everyone who entered, but I don't, so if you entered and didn't win you'll just have to hang tight for our next device give away. BIG thanks to everyone who participated and left a comment.

And Dita... I'll be in touch. And you'd better take dang good care of that BlackBerry Bold 9700! :)