And the winner of an IOU for a BlackBerry KEYone from CrackBerry Kevin is...

In total, we had over 12,000 BlackBerry fans enter the Win an IOU for a BlackBerry "Mercury" From CrackBerry Kevin giveaway.

Today, after recovering from a post-BlackBerry Mercury/KEYone launch party hangover, we put that list of entries into our contest winner picking machine to decide who would be the lucky recipient of the newly-christened BlackBerry KEYone.

And the winner is...

The name that got randomly spit out was CrackBerry Member twopack. However, seeing as this is the same person who made all of those awesome BlackBerry "Mercury" mockups recently, I figured you all would call B.S. and cry rigged if I only gave him the IOU. So just to be safe, we pulled a second winner from the pool, and that winner is CrackBerry Member Gebco. So instead of 1 IOU, I'm giving away 2!

Big congrats to both twopack and Gebco and BIG thanks to everyone for signing up for their chance to win. As soon as the KEYone becomes available, I'll get them both hooked up with their phones.

As you all know, this is CrackBerry which means another giveaway is just around the corner. So keep reading and checking in often as we wait for the BlackBerry KEYone to go on sale. I'm sure between now and then you'll have one, or two, or more chances to win. :)