It was one of the quickest contests we've ever run, but I think it was a fun one too. I'm a big believer in Picture Password on my BlackBerry. So much so that I flat-out showed my password on video for the world to see. Over a thousand of you took a stab at my password and maybe surprisingly, quite a few of you got it dead on. I promised the first person to get it right would be the winner, and so with that in mind the winner of our Guess my Picture Password contest is ... 


Congrats bobshine! We'll be reaching out ASAP to get you your prize so you can have a night out on us! 

Now, as for what my Picture Password was... the secret here was to move the #8 to the orange marble in the bottom row. Watch the video again here and you see it in action:

In hindsight, I'm thinking maybe *maybe* my password was a little obvious in this case for people who know me well. Of course I'd pick a CrackBerry Orange marble to drag the number to. And if you know about my love for efficiency, picking a location on the bottom right corner of the screen to drag to also makes sense, as I can do it *most times* easily with my right thumb. Next time I do it up on video, I'll have to be a little trickier. That said, Picture Password still rocks! Wayyyyy more of you guessed wrong rather than right. :)

Thanks to everyone that entered — we'll be back soon with another contest.