Another sweet application has hit BlackBerry 10 from Shaosoft - this time utilizing the camera in way I've not seen done before. I doubt it will take a genius to guess the concept of Before and After Photo maker, but how it's done is very clever. Essentially, the application will allow you to sit two photos side by side - a before one and a after one. 

Where things get interesting is the process involved in getting the final image. Once the app is open you can jump into the menu and select the 'Before Photo' option. Once you have selected the image from your BlackBerry that you wish to use it will appear in the camera viewfinder. At the top of the display is a bar which will allow you to alter the opacity of the before photo - this is required for getting the camera lined up perfectly for the next process. You can also pinch to zoom in and out. 

Then it's time to take the 'After Photo' and it's just a case of lining up/sizing up the 'faded' before shot and pressing the camera shutter icon. Once done you are presented with the two images - one above the other. Again, you can zoom in and out and rotate if required to ensure they are evenly matched. Save the image with a name and that's it - job done. 

The above video is not the best example of getting perfect result as I was restricted due to the camera being fixed to the tripod. However, I also took the below images which gives a good idea of the fun you can have with the app. 

Features include: 

  • Functions as a complete camera with front and back cameras and flash 
  • Lines up shots perfectly  
  • Create a before and after picture in minutes 
  • Easily share the complete picture with your friends through BBM™, Twitter, Facebook and more
  • Easy to use interface with complete instructions 
  • Multiple customization options such as colors when creating your completed picture

More information/Download Before and After Photo Maker for BlackBerry 10