Analysts Claim BlackBerry Storm To No Longer Be Sold By Verizon?

Needless to say, we're gonna stick the fat rumor tag on this one. But, according to the folks over at The Street it seems investors and analysts were given reason to worry about Research In Motion at some point in time. The worry coming from what is yet to be confirmed news that BlackBerry Storm orders have either been drastically reduced or cut off entirely.

While we speculate all day about the reasons why this may be, it's best we just ride this little piece of information out for the time being and see what, if anything actually comes out of it. Seems every year as we count the days down to WES rumors come from everywhere, all spelling Research In Motions demise. But none of them ever seem to become reality. That said, what do you all think? Original Storm series saying goodbye or still around for a while yet?