Cases are an important part of my BlackBerry experience. Rarely will you see me leave me the house without having some kind of protection on my device. Be it a rugged, heavy-duty model, a slim profile one, or something in-between there is always a case out there for everyone. This time around I decided to go with a hybrid hard and soft gel case by Amzer. The Amzer TPU Pudding case offers the flexibility of a soft shell case but the shock absorbing power of a hard shell case.

From the moment you slip the case out of the plastic packaging the first thing you notice is how durable it is. It accomplishes this, and this is the technical part, because of the material used to construct it that is called multiple thermoacrylics. What this essentially translates to is that it gives the case an elastic feel and resistance to oils. Not only does it resist fingerprints but also the scratches and signs of daily wear and tear that plague us all. Also, this is not the type of case that will shatter or crack easily as other hard cases have done in the past.

Being that the case is flexible, it slips on with almost no effort, unlike others which I have had snap while trying to install. It fits the Classic like a glove and the material discussed earlier gives it a good feel in your hands as well as a solid grip. Normally a matte finish would be slippery in your palm, and in this case it is slightly. However, the combination of these two finishes works to its advantage. I was pleasantly surprised at how the glossy edges act as an anchor when gripping.

There are cut-outs for all of your ports, such as the headphone jack and power/lock button, the speakers, and the charging ports. The volume keys do not have a cutout but are covered by buttons molded to them. One issue to point out is the cutout for the power button. For me, there is too much space between the case and the button. Sometimes I find myself either exerting too much force or using the tip of my finger to press it. As with the volume keys it should have been covered and not left open.

The Good

  • Easy installation and removal
  • Thin, lightweight, and flexible design
  • Decent grip that does not easily slide out of your hands
  • Does not show fingerprints or scratches
  • Lay on flat design – there is a slight lip that goes around the display

The Bad

  • Attracts dust and dirt from the moment you remove it from the packaging
The bottom line

Choosing the right case is never easy. The Amzer TPU Pudding Case is one that delivers everyday wear and tear protection for a decent price without detracting from the beauty of the Classic or adding unnecessary weight. The way the case is designed and the materials used cushion your device (mostly it's edges and back) from the bumps, scratches, and accidents that will befall it from daily use.

The Amzer TPU Pudding case for the BlackBerry Classic is $7.95 at ShopCrackBerry.

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