If you recall, over the summer, BlackBerry held Jam Camps around the world for student developers to attend. There, they learnt how to create apps using all the developers tools provided by BlackBerry and more. We're starting to see more and more apps from student developers who attended the events in BlackBerry World. We've already taken a look at one app and we're taking a look at another one today. This one aimed at science students, specifically biochemist students. The app name itself will give away the topic - Amino Acids.

As the name suggests, it is a reference type app of all the amino acids found in our system. However, the app is aimed more for those studying the subject as opposed to those who casually want to know. Amino Acids gives you details on its name, structure, three letter code, molecular structure and more. The app even includes an Active Frame that will cycle through all the amino acids and their structure.

You can browse all the amino acids by mass, polarity or alphabetical order. Just tap into one to get detailed information on it.

Main features:

  • Verified, detailed information on the 20 basic amino acids
  • Dynamic Active Frames to aid studying
  • Sort by polarity, mass, or alphabetically
  • Switch between highlighted and non-highlighted structure to aid in memorization
  • Share information
  • Dark Theme

Amino Acids is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices from BlackBerry World and will fetch you $0.99/£0.75. While it may not be an app for everyone, it does look like a pretty useful app for those it is aimed at.

For more information / Purchase Amino Acids from BlackBerry World