Amazon Underground app offers 0,000 worth of apps and games 'that are actually free'

In a slightly odd series of events, Amazon has ended its Free App of the Day promotion and introduced a new app, Amazon Underground. The new app brings over $10,000 worth of apps, games and even in-app items that the company states 'are actually free.' While there is no official announcement from Amazon on either piece, the company has set up a new information site with a way to get Underground installed.

To start, head to Amazon's Underground site from your browser, enter your phone number or email address and hit send. This will send a link to your phone that will allow you to download the app. If you navigate to the site from your phone, you will be able to click the download link without entering the information or you can also fire up the Amazon Appstore and search for 'Amazon Underground' and install it direct from there. In either case, this will overwrite the Amazon Shopping App that now comes pre-installed on BlackBerry 10.

Amazon is able to bring the games and apps, including their in-app purchases to users free under a new business model. The company has worked with developers and will be paying them per minute of play in order to have the developers waive the normal fees. Amazon will be paying these costs, and not passing them onto the user in any way.

Check out Amazon Underground

Source: Amazon

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