Loading up Android apps is all the rage thanks to the OS leak, and luckily there are plenty of ways to do so. One of the more popular ones seems to be the Amazon Appstore. While it's been a mixed bag for us as far as actually getting apps from the store to run, some users are reporting that they've had success -- even with paid apps. 

One user reached out to Amazon regarding their support for BlackBerry 10 and received a pleasant and quite positive reply. 

I understand your concern and there isn't to worry I'd love to help you out. 

As you already know officially Amazon Appstore is not supported on any blackberry device, but if you are getting the service please enjoy it. 

Please be rest assured, by using the Amazon Appstore on your blackberry device you are not violating any law. 

Please be informed as this device is not supported under Amazon Appstore if you have any issue with the app, I'd suggest you to contact the app developer for further assistance. 

I hope this information helps ! We look forward to seeing you again.

So Amazon doesn't actually support BlackBerry 10 but they are far from discouraging users to take advantage of their services. The one bad aspect is that they are directing BlackBerry users directly to the app developer for support, but that dev may have no idea that their app is being used on BlackBerry. So that kind of sucks and could cause big issues in the long run.

Again, we've had some issues using the Amazon Appstore and prefer the 1mobile Market for Android apps, but hey -- if it works for you, please enjoy it!

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