Been eyeing a new BlackBerry device for your Verizon contract, but your pockets don't quite allow for a new phone as of right now? Well, Amazon has dropped the price of Verizon devices down to only one penny -- yes those golden things you usually throw on the street -- and it includes all the new devices. So whether you want to snag a new 9930, or you would like a back up 9330, 9650, or even 9550, they are all available for purchase through Amazon.

Of course you will need to be elligible for an upgrade, or adding a new line, but a small restriction for such a great deal. Unfortunately the BlackBerry Torch 9850 (or the Torch 9930 as Amazon seems to think it is) is not included in this deal, probably because they show it on back-order with up to a two week delay. Thanks, Raginv!

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