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Have you heard of Snipper before? The company states that it’s personal mobile video broadcasting. It’s a cross platform solution that pushes videos to and from your BlackBerry smartphone; which makes for lag free viewing awesomeness. At Mobile World Congress, Snipper was featured at the BlackBerry Showcase Theatre and is putting a twist on how you can reach out to the world with your videos. Youtube has its public videos, unlisted videos and private videos (except for other youtube users). What Snipper does is essentially create channels that can be directed at different groups of contacts. Think of Google + and its circles- you decide which individuals can enjoy which videos. You can still have private and public channels- it’s much easier than entering in specific contacts each time you upload a private video. Dear old Aunt Ethel may not want to see what actually happened in Vegas. Or maybe she does. Regardless, that’s just a part of what Snipper can allow you to do, so have a read for more information...

The Review

Developer: Serramedia BV Version (at time of review): 2.2.0
File Size: 20.5 MB
OS Requirements: Smartphone 5.0.0 or higher
Cost: FREE Website: htt​p://​www.getsnipper.com

Any app that gives you a quick walkthrough when you first install it has the consumer in mind, in my book anyway. Snipper has a scrollable quick how-to and menu layout to get you to master the app that much sooner. The basic commands remain at the very top of the screen, where you can browse through featured videos, popular videos or people. You can search through channels to see their list of videos, the followers and broadcasters. The films icon houses the videos of the channels you follow – you can consider this the inbox of sorts. As I mentioned before, Snipper pushes the videos directly to you; eliminating potentially aggravating wait times, due to wireless congestion or streaming. You will receive a notification of new videos via email notifications; this means that the videos are ready to go immediately. The videos are sitting waiting for you to view them, without you having to have access to the wireless network. What I like about this inbox is that they set the maximum limit of videos to 25. So the older videos are kicked to the curb by the newer ones, keeping your video list fresh and free from being bloated. Now keep in mind that all of your incoming videos are accessible through your online account. If you receive a private channel access code, you can use the “Key” icon to enter the code and access the channel.

Snipper Search

When watching videos, on screen buttons allow you to repost (broadcast), add comments or share (via Facebook, Twitter or even BBM). If you are recording and uploading your own videos, you can easily add a film title. With the app, you can also alter the title of your channels, the associated icons, as well as the description and category. Now on top of the public and private channels, they also give you a unique feature with group channels. You and your friends, family or team can collaborate on a channel; they can each publish videos to a single channel through the application. Snippet is quickly being adopted around the world, with users spreading to more than 60 countries within a few months.

Snippet watching video

The videos you are uploading do so in the background and in no way inhibit the usage of the Snipper application or your BlackBerry. I like the fact that there is so much focus on ease of use and accessibility – as there should be. It appears that you can edit videos you record through Snipper, but not videos that were previously recorded, or recorded outside of the app.

Snippet uploading images
Snipper List
“This really is one of the coolest BBM integrated apps so far...too easy to shoot some vids and share them with all my friends.” - serrabb6 BlackBerry App World Review

by Serramedia BV


  • Two words: pure convenience. The videos are pushed rather than streamed. Uploads occur in the background and navigation is so smooth. Snipper does all the work in a snippet of time.


  • While widely popular, there’s a chance that your friends and family are not on Snipper. It will take time to invite and for them to get set up.

The Bottom Line

It's video sharing at its best. Snipper brings videos to you and you can watch them when you want without having to worry about streaming or lagging. I’m looking forward to continue to search through Snipper for some amazing channels. The best part is that it’s free! Snipper web link

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