AlphaWave is a winner for anyone out there that loves old school arcade shooters. I first played this game last year on my BlackBerry PlayBook, and since then the developers at Hardline Studios have made a ton of updates and additions that only make the game more and more fun. In addition to the updates, you can now play AlphaWave on your BlackBerry Z10! This is the perfect pick-up-and-play type of game that will keep you entertained when you have some idle time to kill.

Updates include:

  • A new black hole level complete with a slew of new enemies
  • Two new final bosses
  • 3 new weapons with power-ups
  • New control scheme that makes it far better to play
  • All new special sound and visual effects
  • Full score tracking
  • A bunch of bug fixes and optimizations

AlphaWave sports some awesome graphics and is a great high speed game that's a ton of fun. You'll definitely want to check it out, and with the free demo mode, you have nothing to lose. The full version is just $.99, and worth every penny.

Download the demo version of AlphaWave
Purchase the full version of AlphaWave for $.99