Looking for a slice of space combat? If you have jumped over to BlackBerry 10 then Alpha Zero is the place to be. You must guide your space craft through dozens of levels, fighting off the barrage of enemy ships that will try and attack you. Just to make things harder there are numerous 'big bosses' to contend with who take a bit more work to destroy.

From start to finish Alpha Zero portrays a story, so in between levels the game will talk to you and give visuals onscreen. I'm not a huge fan of this as I like to get straight to the action so luckily you have the option to skip these.

There are several options when it comes to controlling your space craft. I opted for the one called 'touch controls' and this lets you move the spaceship with one thumb and use the other to guide where you wish the weapons to fire. On the subject of weapons; you start with a standard laser but there are others to collect along the way. There is a small weapons tab at the top of the screen so switching from lasers to missiles for example is simple. Once you have used up the allocated number of extra weapons you can get more from the shop. To earn credits for this you collect orange orb type things throughout the game which appear when you destroy the enemy.

Alpha Zero is action packed and has great graphics and sound effects. A real must for you space game fans out there. Priced at £2.00/$2.99 it isn't the cheapest but it is a load of fun.

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