Alltel Chad

Do you have MMS on your Alltel BlackBerry? Users of Alltel are now reporting in the forums and other places on the interwebs that  their devices now have the MMS option in the menu and have been able to successfully send and recieve MMS just fine. This however does not seem applicable to everyone and their has also been some news about the possibility that Alltel and RIM jumped the gun with enabling that services and will soon be pulling the plug just as fast as they enabled them.

The services of course are enabled by getting the new MMS service books on your device, in order to get them you can do the following.

  • Go to Applications (Menu Key)
  • Options
  • Advanced Options
  • Host Routing Table
  • Menu Key
  • Choose "Register Now"
Once that process is completed, you will get a device registration message and the new MMS service books at which point the options should show in your menus, also a battery pull may be required. Once again though, this seems like it may have been a boo boo on Alltel and/or RIMs part so don't shoot the messenger if it stops working. If it's working for ya let us know in the comments. In meantime Chad's checking on it for us ;)