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As developers continue to prepare for BlackBerry World removing paid apps, we're seeing more BlackBerry 10 apps turn from paid to free and the latest are being made available by Sven Ziegler IT Solutions, who are behind ReadItNow, ReadOut and more!

Sven currently has six BlackBerry 10 apps remaining in BlackBerry World and if you haven't already downloaded them, now is certainly a good time to give them a go. Here's the full list of apps available:

  • ReadItNow! - Pocket client - No time for surfing? You would like to read everything later, even offline? The solution is ReadItNow! With ReadItNow! you have all saved content neatly arranged for later reading.
  • WhereIs - If you are searching for the next restaurant, bar or a certain shop, this app will show you the next good party-location, the best restaurant and saves you the time to find a friendly local.
  • Proximity Photos - Find out about beautiful and attracting places around you! No matter where you are, at home, with friends or on vacation. You will see places you didn't know existed!
  • Ambient Details from Wikipedia - Have you ever wanted to learn more about the history or meaning of places you discovered? Have you ever wished you had some kind of interactive tourist guide on your BlackBerry 10 device? An app that allows you to read or listen to interesting facts and history lessons from Wikipedia.
  • Read Out! (TTS, Text to MP3) - Have your BlackBerry 10 device read out text to you and convert text to MP3 for easy sharing!
  • Vendor Stats - As a BlackBerry Developer you're always on the hunt for additional ways to keep an eye on your vendor stats and app metrics. Vendor Stats solves that issue and offers everything you missed so far! Vendor Stats gives you a great overview and analysis about the metrics you care about as a BlackBerry 10 developer!

No doubt there's going to be more developers having their apps go free as we get closer to April 1st, so keep an eye here on the blogs, BlackBerry World and in the CrackBerry Forums for developers making announcements. Some developers, such as FileArchiveHaven, have also let some of their unreleased apps go by letting folks download the .BAR files.

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