Elecite Themes 50% Off Sale!!

The folks over at Elecite have been pumping out a lot of nice BlackBerry themes as of late, with titles such as Droid, iBerry 3G and the Windows 7-inspired Inspirat being big hits with CrackBerry Nation. They have also have been reviving some of their all time best sellers, including Grunge, Ascarii2, Scion and Distinct by making them compatible with the latest generation of BlackBerry smartphones. With tax season coming to an end, the folks at Elecite decided the time was right to put their entire on sale.

From now up untill Wednesday, April 22nd, when you check out at Elecite and use the coupon code 0501, you'll be getting your theme for half price. If you've been holding out on grabbing that new Elecite theme that previously caught your eye when we mentioned it in the blogs, now is the time to buy. You can jump over to Elecite to browse their selection and don't forget to check device compatability before you buy. Enjoy the savings!