While I'm a big fan of simple skin cases on my BlackBerry Z10, I have taken a liking to the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case as well. It offers a good amount of protection for the Z10 without adding a lot of bulk or weight to the device itself.

It's a plain and simple case with a two-piece snap-on design that holds tight with no worries of anything coming apart.

If you're looking to step up your case to something solid that won't let you down, look no further than the Mobi Products Hard Shell Case for the BlackBerry Z10.

At first glance this case doesn't seem like much, but once it's locked onto your Z10 it's as solid as they come.

It has two interlocking pieces (front and back) that snap on around you Z10. They hold together to the point that it's actually a real pain to get them apart. There is a dedicated slot on the side for prying them off, but even with that I had trouble getting the case off at first - but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

When on the device the Mobi Products Hard Shell holds amazingly tight and wraps around all the corners and edges so you know your Z10 is tucked safely inside. I did a few mini drop tests because I was worried the case would actually pop open on impact, but it held strong through it all only showing a few small scratches on the case itself. 

There are openings all around for the camera, lock button, side buttons and ports so everything is easily accessible. 

As I said earlier, the only real issue I had was when I tried to actually remove the case. It locks on so well that it was a big pain to pry it off the first time (subsequent times I found it easier) so keep that in mind. On the flip side, at least you know the case won't be popping off unexpectedly.

Overall I find the Mobi Products Hard Shell case to be a top choice for the BlackBerry Z10. It has a great feel to it and keeps the Z10 safe and sound. It should stand up to most daily drops and even some bigger falls, so you can rest assured it's money well spent.

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