Alicia Keys Secret Sessions UK

We told you a while back that BlackBerry had a strong presence at the concerts that Alicia Keys played in the UK. After one of those gigs a select few were lucky enough to attend a secret session with the BlackBerry Global Creative Director and get to hear her belt out some tunes in probably the most intimate session possible.

As you will see from the video below - UK TV presenter Jonathan Ross hosted the gig and in addition to there being a BlackBerry sign positioned as a back drop on the stage he also made reference to our favorite company and even told the audience to turn off their mobiles unless they were a BlackBerry!

If you are a fan of Alicia's music you can enjoy the session right here. If not - just watch the first minute for the BlackBerry love. It sure made me smile.

We need more promotional BlackBerry marketing like this don't you agree? Especially in the United States in my opinion. You listening BlackBerry?