We all know that Alicia Keys is the Global Creative Director at BlackBerry as well as being one of the hottest female singer/song writers in the world. This week she played a gig at the O2 in London and BlackBerry UK were kind enough to invite me to come along to the show. While we don't normally report on music gigs this one was a little different.

Upon entering the arena there were a selection of BlackBerry booths where visitors could not only get hands on with the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 but they also had a nice backdrop of Alicia where the staff were offering to take photographs. All the staff were equipped with a Z10 to take the photos, however I did need to show the gentleman who took my picture how to send it via NFC - he was most impressed!

Prior to Alicia coming on stage they played a BlackBerry advert on the white curtain which covered the stage which was nice to see. Of course, Alicia knocked out a stunning performance and the O2 was buzzing.

Great to see her taking the BlackBerry job along to her concerts. Let's hope this is a global thing as she heads around the world.