We're just *days* away from BlackBerry World and BlackBerry Jam, both taking place in Orlando, Florida. These are THE BlackBerry events of the year and the CrackBerry team and BlackBerry community are stoked for them.

Making a social play to sign up a few late comers, RIM's VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, took to the youtubes today with a fun little video. Check it out above for a good laugh and some good info (don't worry, unlike me Alec has the good sense to keep his clothes on).

The BlackBerry Jam conference is geared towards developers, and over three days there will be 80 sessions brainwashing you and teaching you to build awesome kick ass BlackBerry 10 apps. You'll get to learn about the BlackBerry 10 vision from RIM's new CEO Thorsten Heins himself, and of course you'll also get to take home that sweet, sweet, SWEET BlackBerry 10 developer phone. Heck, I'm even guessing they might serve up some BlackBerry jam to go with your breakfast bagels and toast.

Orlando. BlackBerry. May first to third. Be the there! For more information and to register and secure your limited edition developer device, head to blackberryjamconference.com.