Alec Saunders

RIM's new VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, took the stage at BlackBerry Devcon Europe after new RIM CEO Thorsten Heins to discuss the new BlackBerry Developer website, BlackBerry Jam, and a ton of other improvements and additions coming to BlackBerry developers.

Presentation aside, the first thing we noticed was Alec's awesome t-shirt. Bright red with white lettering, the slogan reads "Keep Calm and Be Bold". Longtime readers of CrackBerry know we have a thing around here with wearing custom made BlackBerry shirts. We're loving that Alec is following the CrackBerry lead here. And like CrackBerry Kevin and his Sexy and You Know it Workout, RIM's VP of Developer Relations is leading by example and Being Bold, as demonstrated by his DevCon Keynote shirt! Keep it up Alec! #BeBold

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