This may not be the most exciting topic in the world, but for you folk that rely on your BlackBerry as your alarm clock, this is a jolly handy tip to keep in mind. When it comes to snoozing my alarm, I'm an expert. What I mean by this is that I could hit that snooze tab over and over - there's just a real sweet feeling knowing that you can stay snuggled up in bed for a few more minutes.

However, on BlackBerry 10, the alarm clock is set up in such way that one can easily end up hitting the on-screen 'Dismiss' tab instead of 'Snooze', therefore resulting in you not getting up when you intended and possibly being late for whatever you had planned that day.

For some time now I've known that you can also hit the volume keys on your BlackBerry to snooze the alarm, and that's one way of solving the 'Dismiss' issue. However, I recently stumbled across another way on my BlackBerry Passport, and that's to hit the 'Enter/Return' key on the bottom right of the keyboard. Clearly this only works with BlackBerry 10 devices that have a physical keyboard, so if you're in that gang you may well (like me) find it the easiest and safest way to snooze in a sleepy state.

Sure, it's not rocket science, but worth sharing. Give it a try and see how it works out for you.