AIS Vessel tracking app Marine Assistant update with weather tab and other fixes

If you're into tracking vessels, you may have checked out Marine Assistant already. We wrote about the last update (v8.0), which led me to use the app regularly to go ship spotting, since I live by the coast. The latest update is v9.0 and it brings an interactive weather map as well as your usual tweaks and bug fixes.

Marine Assistant v9.0 changelog

  • Weather TAB : Added the Interactive Weather Map featuring real time precipitation, raining and clouds radar.
  • Search Tab : Fixed "Search by Name" issues using different sources.
  • Graphical Interface: Font texts bigger and color adjustment

Marine Assistant is a useful app for tracking vessels, it uses AIS tracking and you can get information on vessels. You can use your location as a basis for tracking or you can carry out a search using the vessel's name. All in all a handy app.

Updating is free if you already own the app. If you're looking to get the app, it will cost you $3.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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